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At-home tooth whitening

You may be quite happy with the size and alignment of your teeth, but dentist-supervised tooth whitening gives you the dazzling smile you always wanted. Tooth whitening is safe, effective, and long-lasting. Dr. Tiernan trusts the Opalescence tooth whitening system.

Your Opalescence® home-whitening kit includes a special tray that is customized to fit over your teeth, as well as powerful, prescription-strength whitening gel, which is inserted into the tray before you wear it. Dr. Tiernan gives you detailed instructions about how long you should wear the tray each day, and the gel will not transfer to your gums. Opalescence can provide results after just one night, and within a week you can expect a dramatic improvement, leaving you with a bright, white smile.

Porcelain Bridges

When teeth are missing, your smile undergoes significant changes. Missing teeth can cause you to chew differently and may also cause mouth pain. And, as your remaining teeth work to compensate for the loss, gaps and spaces form that only make the situation worse. A porcelain bridge, custom designed by Dr. Tiernan, keeps your smile aligned and your bite functional. Bridges are anchored to existing teeth on either side of the missing tooth. They are semi-permanent (meaning they can only be affixed or removed by a dentist) and are a long-term restorative solution to your damaged smile.

Porcelain Crowns

You can erase years of wear and tear with porcelain crowns. Dr. Tiernan uses a tooth-like crown made of porcelain to restore your tooth after the decay has been removed. Crowns are also used to restore chipped teeth, broken teeth, gaps in teeth, and other damage. Also called “caps,” porcelain crowns mimic natural-looking teeth in both shape and color.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Are you embarrassed about your smile because of decayed, disfigured, or discolored teeth? If so, you may be a good candidate for composite resins, also known as tooth-colored fillings or restorations. When the decay has been removed from the tooth, it is replaced with “filling” material. The new tooth-colored material is bonded to the teeth for a stronger restoration. In the past, amalgam (silver) fillings were placed into the cleaned out portion of the tooth. However, with new advancements in dentistry, you can now have tooth-colored fillings instead of silver fillings, resulting in a longer-lasting, brighter, whiter smile.


Bonding refers to the placement of tooth-colored resin to correct chipped and broken teeth, discolored teeth and in some cases, space between teeth. Bonding is generally considered more conservative than veneers or other cosmetic dentistry. The benefits of bonding include the ability to maintain the natural structure of the tooth and the ability to color and sculpt the resin to create natural looking teeth. Like a natural tooth, the resin may stain with the use of coffee or other staining foods.


“Dr.Tiernan and his staff are not only exceptionally friendly, but highly trained in their profession. They put me at complete ease with getting two implants in my lower jaw. The experience was unexpectedly easy and practically pain free. My 11 year old daughter also prefers Dr.Tiernan over the fancy kids dentist office around town with all the bells and whistles. I highly recommend this practice!”

Tracy M

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“Dr. Tiernan is by far the best dentist in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. I had multiple procedures done on my teeth anything from wisdom teeth extraction to crowns. I’ve never experienced any(!) discomfort or pain while getting the work done on my teeth. He always tells me that he wants a “perfect result” on my teeth and if something doesn’t feel right or bothers me, he will redo it.
If you are looking for a new dentist then Dr. Tiernan is the right, worry-free choice. His office is always packed with patients which tells me that I am not the only one who appreciates Dr. Tiernan for all his work. Call today and you will not regret it!”

Eugene L.

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Gum Contouring

Do you see a lot of your gum tissue when you smile? Many people with “gummy” smiles do not know that there are treatments available to cosmetically enhance the look of your gums. Dr. Tiernan can re-contour the appearance of your gum tissue. With the addition of beautiful porcelain veneers, your gummy smile disappears, revealing a bright, youthful smile that looks natural and proportioned. The entire process takes just a few visits and because of advancements in cosmetic techniques, your comfort is assured. Call Dr. Tiernan and begin transforming your smile today!


Look younger by lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face. In addition to treatments designed to give you a beautiful, youthful smile for life, Dr. Tiernan makes Botox® treatments available to you. A single Botox® treatment effectively “erases” fine lines, especially around your brow area, giving your face a tighter, more youthful expression safely, conveniently, and comfortably. Enjoy a Botox® treatment alone, or schedule one with either your next cleaning or your upcoming cosmetic dental enhancement.


Benefit from the therapeutic and cosmetic uses of Juvederm to give you the healthy, youthful looking smile you deserve. With Juvederm, Dr. Tiernan can help you safely and effectively:

  • Eliminate wrinkles around your mouth, eyes and forehead.
  • Relieve tension headaches or jaw pain.
  • Correct sagging corners of your mouth or smile lines.
  • Achieve fuller lips that look natural.
  • Eliminate the black triangles at your gum line where age has cause loss of gum tissue.

Whether you’re looking for a therapeutic relief, cosmetic enhancements or a full smile design makeover, we deliver results!

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Fast Braces

We all want a healthy, confident smile, but crooked, misaligned teeth can impact that confidence. In fact, misalignment in teeth can lead not only to lowered self-esteem, but in some cases to difficulty chewing or speaking—not to mention day-to-day discomfort.